Nick Koppelaar Area91 Co-Founder
Photo: Vanessa Anne French

Nick Koppelaar is a Canadian industrial designer based in Toronto. His award winning work features simple lines, bright colours and quality, sustainably sourced materials. An enduring focus since graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design has been to create and produce heirloom quality objects and lasting, livable spaces.


Signature interiors include the Wincey Mills Co. a multi-use space in Paris, Ontario with a market, cafe and test kitchen and The Walters Group office in Hamilton, Ontario where all aspects of the furniture were built from locally sourced, fully recyclable materials.


His industrial designs have been part of Toronto’s Interior Design Show, the Umbra Work / Life exhibition, and most recently the Milan Design Week. Many productionalized objects are part of the regular inventory at the Merchant of York in Toronto.

Koppelaar creates, prototypes and builds out of his design studio and workshop in Toronto’s west end called Area91. The Area91 creative space has been an integral part of the design process since its inception in 2016. Koppelaar is a trained welder, woodworker and draftsman which lends to the strong structural integrity of his work.